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"Pelayanan yang sangat memuaskan, Sehingga mnarik minat customer" Trim'z P. Yunus
- Putu Edy

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" Barang yang dibeli udah sampai dengan baik dan cepat, ( sarung tangan Ultimate ) barangnya juga dalam keadaan sangat baik sesuai dengan keinginan. Kalau pelayanan cukup memuaskan, pertanyaan dijawab, bisa konsultasi kayak temen udah lama aja. THX"
- Adi Gunawan


Dymatize Elite Whey Protein 5Lbs & 10Lbs

Dymatize Elite Whey Protein:
Perfect Taste, Perfect Blend Dymatize is renowned for our great tasting, high-quality whey protein supplements. We’d like to present – Dymatize Elite Whey Protein — the perfect whey protein supplement in a five pound size for an incredible value. The Dymatize Elite Whey Protein 5-pounder is an ideal blend of whey protein concentrates, ion-exchange whey protein isolates, and whey peptides.

Elite Whey Protein has no added sugar, fructose, salt, or carbohydrates. And Elite Whey Protein now contains a proprietary digestive enzyme blend including Aminogen to help amplify absorption. Finally, there is a whey protein supplement that is easily digested, even if you’re lactose intolerant. And don’t forget, Elite Whey Protein actually tastes great.

Whey protein supplements are the cornerstone of muscle recovery and growth. Elite Whey Protein by Dymatize is the preferred way to build your physique and, not to mention, save a few dollars. So, whether you’re building lean muscle or you just want to boost your protein intake, let Dymatize Elite Whey Protein take you all the way to your goal. Continue reading

Dymatize Dymaburn Extreem 100 caps

Set Your Metabolism on Fire with Dyma-Burn Xtreme (100caps).

Dyma-Burn Xtreme with Ephedrina has combined the newest generation of natural & high-tech supplements into a scientifically engineered fat burning powerhouse.

XTREME ENERGY Our cutting-edge formula maximizes fat burning while helping sustain the high performance energy levels you need for an effective workout. But, unlike other fat burners, you avoid the crash that often follows their short energy spike. You really feel the burn, without the crash.

Available only from Dymatize, this high-tech formula featuring Ephedrina can help you finally gain control over appetite, weight loss and energy. Better control means better results.

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Dymatize BCAA 400 caps

Dymatize BCAA Complex 2200 provides 2,200 mg of pure free form Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) per serving. These Amino Acids, in their most easily assimiliated form, are essential for maximum muscle regeneration. Not only did Dymatize combine these highly efficient amino acids with nutritional cofactors but we also made it time-release for added effectiveness.

BCAA Complex 2200 Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 4 Caplets
Servings per container: 50/100

Amount per serving:
Vitamin C 10mg
Riboflavin 1.7mg Continue reading